MARKAZ aims to identify and promote the value of diverse traditional crafts from Egypt's remote rural areas. Many of these crafts are threatened with extinction. We provide local artisans with quality raw materials, information and guidance on contemporary market trends. Our mission is to improve the livelihoods of artisans while working to revive and develop Egypt's craft heritage and identity.


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NGOs, Community Leaders, and Suppliers

In addition to the artisans, Markaz work with a large number of partners ranging from NGOs, community leaders, trusted individuals, and raw materials suppliers. Markaz believes in partnering with local community organizations and members as a means of ensuring sustainability. Markaz is open to working with any type of partner provided that they prove beneficial to the revival and development of the craft.

Markaz is about people and their cultural and natural environment. It is about the respect that they deserve and the acknowledgement that they often do not receive. Through product development and marketing, Markaz aims to bring traditional crafts to the attention of society to tell the story of the artisans. By telling the stories of these artisans, Markaz aims to shed light on the unique assets of each artisan’s region, thereby reviving and conserving endangered traditional crafting skills.

Markaz aims to contribute to improving the livelihoods of artisans while working to revive and develop Egypt’s craft heritage. By marketing and selling crafts created by talented Egyptian artisans, Markaz is able to generate income for a large number of artisans and their families across Egypt. Markaz sees itself as a catalyst and a partner working alongside artisans to identify and promote the value of traditional skills while ensuring product quality.