Weaving is an age-old skill that has been utilized in Egypt since the time of its Pharaonic rulers. The traditional skill of weaving comes in many forms and uses many mediums. These mainly include wool weaving, linen weaving, cotton weaving and basket weaving.

Textile weaving uses different sets of yarn or thread which are interwoven to create a fabric. The weaving of cloth is usually done on a loom which is an ancient device created to interlace the threads with one other. Although the exact history of weaving is unknown, this ancient skill has been an integral part of many developing civilizations around the world. Early humans used cloth weaving to meet their basic needs for shelter and clothing. 

Specifically, Markaz works with women in Northern Sinai on the revival of crafts utilizing the skill of wool weaving. Sinai is home to a large number of unique and distinct crafts including the use of floor looms for wool weaving.