Glass making was a craft raised to an art form during the Mamluke period. Nowadays there are only a few small workshots left doing the work, and their products are generally limited to tableware. Markaz works with glass-blowers in Cairo to help produce accessories and tableware to compliment many of Markaz products. Some products are embellished by using skills from other areas around Egypt, for example, tasseling and beading work.

Metal work has been practiced almost uninterruptedly since pharoanic times in Egypt. Markaz works with metal workers that handmake each products using traditional hammering techniques that can provide embellishments with ancient Egyptian and Phoaronic design patterns

Metal workers generally produce all kinds of dining and tableware items, from containers, trays, serving plates and various other items that Markaz continues to decorate using Artisan skills from other areas of Egypt

from 122000
from 156500