We are excited to announce our B2B Bulk sale offering, expanding our products to niche networks such as:

  • Corporate Clients; Giveaways, Gifts, Branded Items
  • Corporate Social Respnosibility; Sustainable, reviving traditional crafts and livelyhoods artisans
  • Interior Decorators/Designers: Designing culturaly rich settings
  • Events Planners: Weddings, Parties, Themed Gatherings..etc
  • Domestic and International Boutique Stores
  • Resorts and Hotels
  • Florists
  • Atelier and Fashion Industry
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Questions to consider when requesting a Bullk Order:

  1. Timeframe  Bulk orders need a minimum of 6 weeks from date of deposit to prepare and manufacture goods to your specification
  2. Cost - Price is evaluated based on quantity, specs and delivary times. Please provide us with your total budget and we can propose the best tailored options for you
  3. Intention - Please provie us with as much information as possible regarding the intention for ordering
  4. Specifications do you prefer home products or personal products? Seasonal Products? Do you need products branded with your logo? Mixed or one category products? Demographics? 

Get in Touch now:

Email us at: info@markazstore.com
or call us at + 202 (0)100 240 5858

Markaz B2B Catalogue