Embroidery is a very intricate skill that requires both attention to detail and knowledge of traditional patterns and designs. It relies on needlework used to embellish any kind of fabric through the use of sewing and stitching. This traditional skill aims to decorate fabric, and sometimes other materials as well, with ornamental stitching using thread or yarn. In addition to the stitching, embroidery often incorporates other materials such as beads and sequins to further decorate the fabric.

Although no one really knows where the skill of embroidery originated, early illustrations of embroidery can be seen in a number of areas including Ancient Egypt, Northern Europe and China’s Zhou Dynasty. It is interesting to note that this traditional skill remains largely unchanged from its early days. In fact, the basic stitching techniques and materials of the past bear a strong similarity to the ones used by craftspeople today.

There are many kinds of embroidery which differ both in terms of the technique used as well as the medium on which the embroidery is done. Traditional embroidery can be done on fabrics such as wool, linen and silk and employ a array of traditional designs emanating from the culture from which it originates. 

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