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Earth’s luster

  • 1 pm - 7 pm - Earth's luster

    Heba Helmi

    Visual artist, Graphic designer, Potter and writer
    Graduated from The Fine Arts, Painting Department. Helwan University, 1994
    Graphic designer at Nagy Shaker studio, from 1992 till 2000
    Master Degree in art history, 2001
    Assistant Teacher in the Art history Department, Fine Arts, Helwan University, from 2002 till 2006
    Cover and book designer at Sharkyat Publishing House from 2001 till 2008
    Cover and book designer at El Ain Publishing House from 2016 till 2018
    Works in Print and Publishing Domain as a graphic designer (cover design, book layout, posters, flyers) for AL Ahram Foundation, Merit, Al Marayat, Sefsafa, Ibn Roshed publishing houses and The Woman and Memory association.


    Solo exhibition Faces, portrait painting, Cairo Atelier,2002
    Collective exhibition, London University,2006
    Collective exhibition, London University,2007
    Solo exhibition Bikia, Sculpture and installation, Beit Al Omma, Saad Zaghloul cultural center,2011
    Solo exhibition Old School, portrait painting, Kortoba art gallery,2015
    Solo exhibition Talisman, Calligraphy with mixed media and pottery, NWT Beit Nut art space,2019


    Author and layout designer of Gowayya Shaheed, documenting the street art of the Egyptian revolution, El Ain publishing house,2013
    Author of Bent Fy Hakyba, novel, EL Ain publishing house,2017

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