DISCLAIMER: This product is one-of-a-kind and no 2 pieces are identical, weaving and/or embroidery patterns might differ from the image depending on the time of production.

Classic style Sinai beaded necklace with warm hues adorned with a tassel and colourful beads, Please be aware that all sizes quoted may vary slightly simply because the products are made by individuals working in either their own homes or communal sewing rooms and not always with measuring tapes to hand! Therein however lies much of the charm. Also because the supply of beads and materials is variable due to availability, it is not always possible to specify the exact colours.

  • Materials: Beaded Necklace with Tassel
  • Weight/Size: 100 grams and  ~55 cm
  • Care Instructions: Handwash only
  • Origin: Sinai
Qty available:3 SKU:813720
Necklace Marwaha/Tassel

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