Cotton & Linen Weaving

Cotton & Linen Weaving

Upper Egypt

Honoring the talents of the weavers from Qena, Sohag and Mahalla; Markaz brings you authentic craftsmanship rendered in gorgeous contemporary designs. Our all-natural hand-woven fabrics, including cotton and linen, are unique works of art.

Weaving has been known in Egypt since about 5000 B.C. The materials woven were linen and wool. Cotton was introduced in the early nineteenth century. The types of loom used by hand weavers have not changed to a great degree and it is probable that an ancient Egyptian weaver, should he find himself using a loom in Upper Egypt today, would feel quite at home with the technology, although doubtless impressed with the advances that have been made. The horizontal loom is still used in parts of the Western Desert and in Sinai today.

Later, a vertical loom with a heavy wooden frame came into use.

Linen weaving remained an important industry from early in the pharaonic period until the nineteenth century.

Markaz cooperates with master-weavers from Mahala El Kobra, Qena & Sohag.